Special Needs Moms

My good friend Julie kindly directed my attention to an article about mothers of special needs children on a great blog called "girltalk." I have read this fantastic blog before, but when I clicked on the link and began to read this article I found myself crying. I have never heard another woman's account of motherhood that sounds so similar to my own.

I rarely talk about the emotional side of what it is like to have a child with severe disabilities. In fact, the blogging I have done here in MomMusings is the only mention I have made of it, other than talking with Chris-which is one of the main reasons for my blog. I had a discussion with a friend over coffee recently in which we talked about dealing with Nathan's disabilities, and she said, "Well, no one really would know because you guys never really talk about it. You never share with others how difficult it must be!" I find it hard to articulate for two reasons: 1.) I would never want to come across as whining, because having Nathan be my son is one of the highest privileges of my life. He is (in my opinion!) the most amazing boy on the face of planet earth, and I marvel that I get to know him and spend time with him every day!! And 2.) as a good Southern girl, you try to "make nice" all the time. Talking about having a son who is profoundly handicapped, and how that impacts you emotionally is usually a real conversation stopper! It makes others uncomfortable that you hurt and they can't do anything for you, and it just seems to lead to an awkward silence.

But I cannot thank the ladies over at "girltalk" enough for allowing one mother to share her story, so that we all can live vicariously through her! Thank you, Diane, for being so transparent about such private pain and struggle. I can't wait to read the next article in the series!!


joannmski said...

You know Allie, I have spent many nights as a teenager crying myself to sleep because I was mourning that my little brother would would not be able to have the life I had dreamed of for him. I can only think that it would be that much more for a mother and a son. Please feel free to vent, express, celebrate, etc. all you want. We will never get tired of hearing it.

crickl said...

Here is a compromise: pour your heart out on this blog like you did today and invite your church members and people in your life to read it. Those who really want to know will read it and understand you better. Then you can still 'make nice' in public, but be understood by those who love you and want to know what it really is like for you all.

You could also put your blog out to those on that support group sight!

Just a thought I had as I was thinkin...

Love you!


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