A Great Woman of God, Part 2

In addendum to my post on the homegoing of Ruth Bell Graham:

After watching the broadcast of the memorial service for Ruth, I visited the website of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. I found there a beautiful photo montage of Ruth's life, and heartily recommend viewing it. On the page for memorials, I found that to honor her passing, the BGEA is making available on of her books to the general public at no cost. For those of you who read my previous post, one guess as to which book it is! Yes, my long sought-after "Sitting by my Laughing Fire." I cannot think of a more appropriate occasion for me to acquire it than Ruth's 'graduation' to all that she believed in for her entire life!


Juloyes said...

Hey Allie-that link didn't work...should I just try later?

Allison said...

Sorry Julie, I must have put it in wrong! I just put the link back in and it appears to be working.


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