Brainwashing Exposed!!!

I walked into the kitchen this afternoon to find the contents of my purse strewn all over the floor. The following enlightening conversation then ensued:

Carissa: I'm gonna put all Mommy's stuff back in her purse! (Stated emphatically, as if this is entirely her idea and she knows it's a good one.)
Mommy: That sounds like a good idea.
Carissa: Oh look, a coin! It must be Daddy's!
Mommy: Well, it was in Mommy's purse. Don't you think it might belong to Mommy?
Carissa: No, it's Daddy's. All the coins belong to Daddy.

I am now convinced that brainwashing has been taking place around here during the 12.4 minutes a week that I am out of the house!



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