Five for Friday #2: Just like my mamma

Wednesday night there was no one keeping the nursery (since it was a 5th Wed.) so I got to stay home with Carissa and Nathan. Nothing like feeling as if you are playing hookey to bring out the creativity in you! I spent about two solid hours in my kitchen, rocking out to some great worship by Salvadore and making homemade Spaghetti con polpette, or spagetti with meatballs. This was a total 'food of love' thing! I had freshly ground beef, veal and pork for the meatballs, gorgeous extra virgin olive oil, beautiful summer basil, and cans of sweet San Marzano tomatoes from Italy. I was like the conductor of a world-class orchestra with the world's first-chairs at my disposal!

Need I mention that it turned out spectacular!! Chris did his best "What About Bob?" impression, groaning in pleasure with each bite. Since I was using my God-given talents in an expression of praise to God, I'm pretty sure I was having church there in that kitchen with the music and the simmering pots! I am positive that it was one of the best worship experiences of my life!!

Now I must add that, all of my life, my mother has been famous for forgetting something in the microwave whenever she makes a big meal. We will have eaten and be cleaning up the kitchen, and open the microwave to reveal the corn or beans or whatever that she got so busy she just left there! Well, I am my mamma's daughter! When I started my meatballs, I lovingly sauteed the finely minced onions and garlic in the beautiful, green olive oil. The concoction was too hot to put directly into the meat mixture, so I stuck it in the freezer to cool for a minute. Guess what greeted me the next morning?? I just about cried!


crickl said...

I love What about Bob!

so sorry about your olive oil....I do that all the time! (forget things) I really want to taste that 2 hours to prepare sauce and meatballs though! I just open a jar of Classico and stir in frozen, store bought meatballs! I know it is no comparison!


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