Five for Friday #5: Wow!

So you may be wondering why, for a lady who blogs only occasionally with no discipline or routine whatsoever (unlike my inspiring friend and blogger The Accidental Pastor's Wife), there are 5 new blog posts with today's date. There are two reasons for that.

#1. The preceding four blog posts have been sitting in my mental inbox over the last couple of days, but I have not had time to sit at the computer and write them. I'm trying to limit my time at the computer lately, so the last few days have been full of such creative activities as flower arranging and cooking in addition to the usual picking up after the toddler, laundry, picking up after the toddler, medical stuff for Nathan and picking up again after the toddler!

#2. The over-arching reason for this creative renaissance in my life is that God is doing mighty things in my spirit. Many of you may not specifically know that I have struggled over the last few years with depression and anxiety. It had gotten to the point where I was spending many days in my pjs in front of the tv all day long. (The tv is great when you have depression or anxiety, because they pretty much solve any kind of crisis in either a half-hour or an hour!) Last Sunday during our altar service, a young lady in our congregation with a beautiful spirit began to pray for me after I had been ministering to others and spontaneously began to pray for deliverance from depression and anxiety. There is no way she could have known about those struggles in my life. During her prayer, I physically felt God doing 'surgery' on my emotions, pulling out long-rooted growth of strongholds and hurts. In the days since, I feel as if I am beginning to live again for the first time. I am so hungry for God and His word that I can't get enough. I want to spend so much time in fellowship with Him that I've been prone to let things go around here-a good thing for a woman hung up on getting things done in every spare moment. I have been reading even more vociferously than usual-and here's the true sign of MAJOR change-anything non-fiction I can get my hands on! I feel like a wide-eyed kid who has discovered that the world is full of things to learn about. I am moving on a journey for which I don't know the specific destination, but I really don't care because the scenery is fascinating to me, and I'm just happy to be moving at all!


crickl said...

Amen Amen Amen!!!!

Thank that wonderful sister in the Lord from me too! I have seen you changing and I am enjoying and rejoicing in every minute of it!


Juloyes said...

I have goosebumps reading this! Pray this for me! I'm struggling with anxiety in a terrible way. So is helpmeet over at She posted about it, too. We cannot let the enemy win this fight!

Allison said...

Julie, I am praying every day for your deliverance from this anxiety! I hope knowing that God has given me freedom from this will be an encouragement for you. It is a day-to-day process and some days have been better than others, but I am definately a different woman than I was before this prayer!

Help meet said...

Wow, I am so encouraged by this post! It is a wonderful thing to know that others struggle with the same things as I do, and that there is victory! I'll be in prayer for you Allison!
Thanks for comments on my blog concerning this same subject!!

joannmski said...

I am so glad Allie! Praise God, and may the sun shine brighter each day.


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