Honor Your Husband, Part 2

Well, as usual, I am a day late on posting for our Honor Your Husband challenge. This week has had it's good days and bad days. In preparation for this post, I was reflecting back on the week's successes and failures. Then I decided to get it straight from the horse's mouth, so I asked my husband. (Yes, I know it's not honoring to call your husband a horse-it's just a figure of speech!)

Allison: So, you know about the 30-day Honor Your Husband Challenge-thingy I've been doing? What do you think so far?

Chris: I wish it would last longer than 30 days!

Yeah! Hopefully that indicates that he has noticed a difference. He went on to say that he felt I had worked on all of my goals for the first week, and that the goal about making, um, time for him was his favorite! (Go figure...) I asked him what things I should work on for this week, and he said to definitely carry through on the, uh, time one. My new goal, in addition to following through with last week's three, is:

-To try and be more affectionate with him, and if it leads to his favorite goal, then so be it.

I'm excited to see what everyone else's new goals are and how their week went as well.

PS-It was really easy to honor him on Sunday, after he preached a rockin' message about husbands. I highly recommend that you check it out if you have time to listen. Just click on "our church" in the right-hand column and then on 'sermons'. It was the first sermon in his new series, "Desperate Households," and the title was "What Every Desperate Husband Needs to Know."


blackpurl said...

May God bless and enrich your marriage this week!

Great goals... I have the "time" one too I just didn't post it... his mom reads my blog!


Christine said...

I'm sorry I missed this earlier this week! What a cute response from your hubby! I'm glad you're seeing rewards of your success. Blessings on continuing toward your goals.


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