A Lonely Life

My good friend and fellow pastor's wife, Julie, recently posted one of the best blog posts about being a pastor's wife that I have ever read. I heartily recommend checking it out here: The Accidental Pastor's Wife: It Really Is a Lonely Life. Really.

I especially identify with #2. There is often so much going on behind the scenes that we, as pastor's wives, are aware of but the average person is not. I once had an issue with a church member who had just announced a major change in her life that was taking her away from our congregation. There had been a lot going on behind the scenes in ministry that week and, frankly, I was preoccupied with it that Sunday. Later I heard through the grapevine that she felt my husband and I were 'mad' with her because she left. I called to try and clear the air, and she said, "Well, I just don't feel that you were there for me."

I do wish people would show grace to us when we are dealing with our own personal or professional issues. It is hard not to slip into 'wearing the mask' when it feels like people really don't want us to be real with them. And then, your existance, though busy and crowded with people nearly every single day, becomes a very lonely one indeed! Thanks, Julie, for sharing on this difficult topic!


joannmski said...

You know, this happens... unfortunately it has happened to me where people think I am not being helpful. Truly, I am just preoccupied with kids, life, and keeping the toilets at church filled with toilet paper! Sorry I didn't inquire about their problems when I passed them in the hall...it's not that I don't want to, sometimes I am just rushing.


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