World's Most Beautiful Women's Restroom View

After years of visiting many a woman's restroom I have found it. Dirty ones, smelly ones, ones you wouldn't make your hamster use-each time you have to go it seems to get more dingy and disgusting, am I right ladies? Well, that's just not the way they do things down in this little spot of heaven on earth that we discovered during our all-too-brief time in Gig Harbor, Washington.

We stopped for lunch at a fantastic place called the Tides Tavern. It sits right on the waterfront, and also happens to have the best fish and chips you've ever wrapped your lips around. During our meal, I begrudgingly got up from the amazing view to run to the ladies room, when "Surprise! Surprise!" (to quote Gomer Pyle) THIS is what I found:I wanted to sit there all day! As you can see, they even provided a comfy window seat, which you can see but probably not believe in the right hand side of the picture, from which to soak in this magnificent view. Instead of flickering fluorescent lighting and the sound of flushing toilets, there was a flood of natural light and the sound of the seagulls outside. It just goes to show you that you never know what you'll find behind each ladies room swinging door!


crickl said...

No wonder women go to the rr in groups and spend such a long time...*wink*

blackpurl said...

looks great!!! I hate dirty, smelly bathrooms it would be like an oasis in a desert to find one so beautiful!

Allison said...

Yeah-I walked in the door and literally stopped in my tracks with my mouth hanging open! The lady washing her hands at the sink started laughing and said, "I did the same thing!" I wish that would happen more often.


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