So Sorry, SeaWorld!

I owe Sea World an apology. In 2004, during our Make-A-Wish trip, we spent a morning there, and it was just not on par with Disney for their disability support. We experienced a long, frustrating time, fighting crowds and long lines with a wheelchair and seeing staff just shrug their shoulders over and over because there was no policy or training in place for them to know how to help us to help Nathan experience things. (As a special-needs mom, I must give a shout out to Disney because I have never seen a staff more well-trained about how to help families navigate their park and experiences!!) After that, I swore I would never go back.

Well, I am eating those words as I sit here typing. After weighing the pros and cons of Sea World vs. Universal with a toddler, Sea World won. And we had a great day! The temps here were 96 with a heat index over 105, but SW seemed much cooler than Epcot because of all the shade trees over the walkways. We fed the dolphins again, which was the highlight of our last trip, but we found so much more to do. The shark tank was amazing and the sea lions were hilarious! Carissa thoroughly enjoyed the Elmo Rocks show-she (and we!) got to see all of our beloved Sesame Street characters, from Cookie Monster to Bert & Ernie.

I humbly apologize to you, Sea World! Thanks for the great day!


Jonathan, Andrea and Luke said...

So glad you had a great time. This is so fun watching and viewing your vacation with you.
HUGS, Andrea (mommy to Luke)

blackpurl said...

so glad that you had a great time at Sea World... one of our most fun family vacations was spent in San Diego and Sea World was the highlight!!

Patyrish said...

I agree that SeaWorld is NOT as good with handicap children as Disney. We had problems there too.

Disney though WOW they are always so accomodating. I had a problem ONE time with a SNOOTY teenager....her boss quickly came over and quelled the situation and apologized all over himself.

Glad you had fun!


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