My Champion

Today was Challenge Day for Special Olympics at Nathan's school. He competed along with his classmates in the Beach Volleyball event! I was so proud of him. They had adapted a huge slingshot to launch the volleyball over the net so that each student could "serve." Nathan served twice and returned the volley back over the net several times.

I am always so overhelmed by the community support for our Special Olympics day. To see the outpouring of support and the look of pride on the kids' faces brings me to tears every year. Of course, I have to hide those tears, because nothing embarrases a ten-year old boy more than a weepy mother!

I'm tremendously proud of my guy, but in a way I'm proud of us too. It is mindblowing to realize that a child like Nathan, on full life-support can even go to school every day, much less participate in an event like this. So, just this once, I want to say,


crickl said...

That makes me cry! How very cool for him and how wonderful those people are who make it possible for him to have those experiences! {{hugs}}

Thanks so much for the report.

Yay McMillans indeed!

blackpurl said...

I am speechless. I feel honored to "know" you through the PW forum and in blogland. I am amazed at Nathan and at your family.

Yay for you all!!!


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