Sucked down the Ebay drain!

I have lost one entire week of my life! Last week I posted 17 items for sale on Ebay for the first time. I must honestly admit that I may not have even watched my newborn daughter as diligently as I have watched these items this last week! I wake up-I check Ebay. I come home-I check Ebay. I check Ebay-I check Ebay again! Pitiful! I am so grateful that these silly auctions are over. Now I can get back to making sure my home is not condemned by the Health Dept. and that my children don't all of the sudden look like that poor Kiera Knightly from lack of sufficient nutrition. If you are missing whole blocks of time from your life; if you come to in front of the computer with glazed eyes mumbling "Must add to my watch list!" or "How do I calculate shipping?"-call me. Maybe we can start a support group!

P.S.-You must note the time for this posting-Guess what I've been doing?!!!!! Help me, please, help me!



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